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AGACAD Precast Concrete

Category: Building, Construction, Infrastructure
Works With: Revit
Benefits of the solution
  • Model precast walls and floors with easy split, update, and modify options.
  • Insert connection details, plates, grout tubes, anchors, etc. according to your predefined rules.
  • Manage changes in your project and benefit from dynamic updating of assemblies.
  • Automatically sort elements and prepare shop drawings for final documentation.
Solution Details

Precast Concrete enables you to easily model prefabricated concrete walls, floors, columns, and beams and get full project updates in real time. Create element views with automated dimensions, and generate bills of materials and shop drawings for quality production and accurate assembly on site.


AGACAD is the developer of the world’s widest range of true BIM software for Revit® professionals. Its solutions – with 12,000+ users in 130 countries – share top practitioners’ insights and approaches and automate best practices in a spirit of ‘Building BIM Together’.

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Norconsult: “The Precast Concrete suite brought efficiency and flexibility"


Automated custom shop drawings were the main reason this international engineering firm got AGACAD’s software for modelling precast concrete elements in Revit. But it now says the benefits are much bigger, and have been welcomed both by the members of its team and its customers.