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ENERCALC Structural Engineering Library

Category: Building, Construction, Infrastructure
Works With: Revit
Benefits of the solution
  • ENERCALC for Revit simplifies engineering design work by automatically bridging the gap between calculation and documentation software.
  • ENERCALC for Revit allows engineers to access the familiar power of ENERCALC SEL as a seamless real-time extension of your Revit environment.
  • Changes to your model in Revit transfer to ENERCALC, where calculations and unity checks are performed. The calculation results are automatically applied to the Revit model.
  • ENERCALC's use of the Revit API results in fast-paced, intuitive design without clunky, error-prone import/export processes.
Solution Details

ENERCALC for Revit automatically bridges the gap between calculation & documentation. Engineers access the familiar power of ENERCALC as a seamless extension of Revit. Changes to Revit models go to ENERCALC, where calculations are performed, then results automatically update your Revit model.

About the Partner ENERCALC, Inc.

ENERCALC, Inc. been producing software for structural and civil engineers, architects, and plan check offices since 1983. The company's Structural Engineering Library contains over 40 analysis and design modules for structural components, earth retention structures, and analysis.