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FARO Technologies, Inc.

Building Design

Category: Building, Construction
Works With: Revit, AutoCAD
Benefits of the solution
  • Data processing for various data capturing devices (laser scanner, drone, total station or mobile mapping system) to ensure full usability of the deliverables from your data capturing service provider.
  • Automatic but user controlled workflows ensure efficiency and traceability of the overall process
  • A wide variety of easy to use functions ensure you have the right toolset to process data from different functional parts of the building e.g. Piping/MEP Design, Floor/ Elevation plan, Steel construction or complement the As-Built models with additional s
  • Comparison of modeled CAD design with the measurement data to prove if the model quality is within the given tolerances
  • Quick, intuitive, automated but user controlled workflows to extract information from the measurement data directly within Autodesk® Revit® matching the constraints of the BIM design software
  • Tracking of model accuracy with tolerance checkup based on national (e.g. USIBD) or international standards or stakeholder’s specifications
  • Object creation inside the Autodesk® Revit® Family Editor based on laserscanning data to create as detailed and accurate as possible component catalogues matching the common LOD guidelines.
Solution Details

FARO develops 3D laser scanning devices to capture and deliver as-built information into the digital world for building, and design documentation and to allow users to work with Building Information Modeling (BIM) during the design, construction and operation phases.

About the Partner FARO Technologies, Inc.

FARO® is the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement, imaging and realization technology. The company develops and manufactures leading edge solutions that enable high-precision 3D capture, measurement and analysis

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Deep Design Studio (DDS), a laser-scanning contractor, needed to provide a 3D as-built model of the Chicago Union Station for a project with an estimated $1 billion in renovation costs.