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Fisa-BiM CVC

Category: Building design, Construction
Works With: Revit
Benefits of the solution
  • Management of templates, shared settings and families
  • Level Management, NGF, plan cleaning
  • Equipment list, holes automatic drawing and update
  • Complete and customizable templates for architectural, HVAC and plumbing layouts.
  • Automatic positioning of arrow symbols indicating flow direction
  • Automatic insulation of pipes, taking into account the diameter of each section.
  • Directly informs the upper or lower levelling of a pipe, a duct or a cable tray
  • Integration and scaling of plans in pdf format
  • Change the altimetry of a branch while maintaining the connection to the main network
  • Modification of the slope of the drainage networks on an existing drawing while maintaining the connections
Solution Details

Fisa-BiM CVC is an X-Cross platform solution and can be used regardless of the Revit version. Fisa-BiM CVC includes in addition to all the functionalities essential to the BIM referents, tools specific to HVAC & plumbing, making Revit ready for use for HVAC installation design & calculations


FISA has been a software editor for HVAC engineering since 1985. FISA is deploying its solutions around BIM for all building professionals. In addition to providing essential tools, FISA offers personalized and unique support to help its customers succeed in their digital transformation