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Huiyuan Engineering Data 浙江慧远工程数据技术有限公司

Digital Rhino 3D road and bridge design

Category: Building design, Infrastructure design
Works With: Revit, Civil 3D
Benefits of the solution
  • Generate two results in one-pass design
  • Parameterized modeling with efficiency and accuracy
  • Synchronize encoding and associate with attribute information
  • Data interaction makes collaboration more efficient
Solution Details

1.Fully-professional BIM design motivate collaborative design and data interaction
2.BIM high-precision parameterized modeling
3.Massive BIM models are synchronously encoded and associated with attribute information

About the Partner Huiyuan Engineering Data 浙江慧远工程数据技术有限公司

Huiyuan Engineering Data is mainly focused on providing digital products and practical application services in 3D digital design, whole-process digital consulting, digital management platform for engineering projects, 3D simulation, digital twin and other fields.