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Revit Precast

Category: Building, Construction
Works With: BIM 360, Revit, AutoCAD
Benefits of the solution
  • Creation of Precast Elements with native Revit families
  • Splitting of walls and floors into producible panels considering factory limitations
  • Defining of reinforcement in Revit families
  • Placing of lifting anchors and connection plates
  • Automatic creation of different shop drawings for one element (e.g. with or without reinforcement)
  • CAM data for plotter, laser, reinforcement machine, shuttering robot, etc.
  • Defining stacks for planning the transportation of the precast elements to the site
  • Planning the production tables in the factory with real data from Revit
  • Integration of ERP systems to full control of the precast factory
  • Parametrized estimation of precast concrete projects
Solution Details

Overtaking a Revit model, splitting walls and floors, creation of Revit reinforcement and different shop drawings - Revit Precast supports the whole workflow in a precast factory. The elements can automatically be produced trough CAM interface. Factory planning tools and ERP systems are integrated.

About IDAT GmbH

IDAT is developing software for the Building Industry.

Highly automated CAD systems for the Precast Concrete Industry and Hydraulic Calculation programs for Fire Sprinkler systems are available. Both systems are based on Revit and AutoCAD.

Also an ERP-System with an integration of BIM360 is available.