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SpriCAD for Revit

Category: Building, Construction
Works With: Revit, AutoCAD
Benefits of the solution
  • Use of native Revit families for sprinklers, pipes, pipe accessories and pumps with add. parameters
  • Tree and loop typed systems can be calculated
  • Calculation with the Hazen-Williams-Formula or the Darcy-Formula (e.g. for foam systems)
  • Layout of the calculation printout according VdS or NFPA
  • Results (pressure loss, water flow/speed, …) can be visualized with colour codes in Revit
Solution Details

With SpriCAD® for Revit you can perform the Hydraulic Calculation of Fire Sprinkler systems inside of Revit. The pipe network can be defined with native Revit families and additional parameters. The results of the calculation (VdS, FM, NFPA and LPC) can also be graphically visualized.

About IDAT GmbH

IDAT is developing software for the Building Industry.

Highly automated CAD systems for the Precast Concrete Industry and Hydraulic Calculation programs for Fire Sprinkler systems are available. Both systems are based on Revit and AutoCAD.

Also an ERP-System with an integration of BIM360 is available.