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Ideate Software

Ideate BIMLink

Category: Building, Construction
Works With: Revit
Benefits of the solution
  • Spend less time on data management tasks
  • Reduce the chance of manual errors
  • Avoid costly delays
Solution Details

Move data from a Revit file into Microsoft Excel for easy editing by the entire project team, even non-Revit users. Take full advantage of Excel’s powerful editing capabilities, and then push volumes of updated data back into the Revit model with speed, ease and accuracy.

About the Partner Ideate Software

Ideate Software builds Revit software plugins to help customers get the most out of Autodesk Revit software. We serve companies in the areas of building design, engineering, construction, and facilities management. 

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Modulus Consulting helps building designers, contractors, and building owners leverage the power of BIM. Victor Castillo, BIM Product Manager said, “Ideate BIMLink makes it far easier to view and edit project data but, more importantly, it enables me to perform quality control workflows that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. It’s an essential tool that I rely on regularly.”