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Ideate Software

Ideate Explorer for Revit

Category: Building, Construction
Works With: Revit
Benefits of the solution
  • Keep Revit models clean
  • Decrease time spent on model management
  • Increase model accuracy
Solution Details

A model browser tool that lets you view all elements in your Revit model, even those excluded from the project browser. Find and delete incorrect, obsolete, and hidden problem items, including DWG files. Review and manage warnings, navigate through view-based elements, and search parameters.

About the Partner Ideate Software

We are committed to your success. Our goal is to make our clients more productive and improve the return on their Revit investments.

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See how CBT Architects use Ideate Explorer to help keep their Revit models stable by finding and fixing problems that could impact model size, sync time, and performance. They identify and delete views that aren’t on sheets, find and remove CAD files inadvertently imported into Revit, update standards on older models, and align worksets after binding a model.