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BUS-6 +RevitOp.

Category: Construction
Works With: Revit
Benefits of the solution
  • This is an optional program for BUS-6 that enables data sharing between the integrated structural calculation software BUS-6 and Revit.
  • BUS-6 and Revit can share a single building data (Revit project) and proceed with structural design while maintaining consistency with the BIM model.
  • Not only the building data, but also the loads and calculation conditions required for structural calculations can be shared between BUS-6 and Revit.
Solution Details

BUS-6 and Revit can directly link data between each other's software, preventing data discrepancies and omissions between software compared to intermediate files in BIM standard format.


About the Partner KOZO SYSTEM INC.

Kozosystem has an AEC industry partner agreement with Autodesk, Inc. to provide solutions using the BIM system (Revit) for structural design. We will support the spread of BIM to structural engineers through the development of structural calculation software and collaboration with Autodesk.