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Keynetix Ltd.

HoleBASE Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D

Category: Construction, Infrastructure
Works With: AutoCAD Civil 3D
Benefits of the solution
  • Dynamic Integration of Geotechnical Data in to AutoCAD Civil 3D, integrating with HoleBASE SI and
  • Generate site plans and geotechnical cross sections in seconds.
  • Extends beyond the Geotechnical Module enabling team working and display of any down hole geotechnical data
Solution Details

Revolutionise the way you produce geotechnical cross sections and models by integrating AutoCAD Civil 3D with HoleBASE SI. Direct access to geotechnical data allows strata profiles and log strips to be generated in seconds, visually stunning 3D fence diagrams and models can be rapidly generated.

About Keynetix Ltd.

Keynetix are experts in Geotechnical Data Management software and developers of the Geotechnical Module for AutoCAD Civil 3D licensed to Autodesk

Products include; HoleBASE, for borehole data management, log production, section diagrams, BIM integration; KeyLAB for geotechnical laboratory management