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Electric LightStanza

Category: Building, Construction
Works With: Revit
Benefits of the solution
  • Allows Revit users to apply photometric adjustments to their IES files
  • Allows Revit users to run normal and emergency lighting calculations in the cloud
  • Allows Revit users to try lighting layouts with a synchronized online editor
Solution Details

The LightStanza plugin in Revit creates a streamlined Revit geometry prior to importing the model into LightStanza.  Users can sync changes made in Revit to LightStanza, from LightStanza to Revit or both.  LightStanza parameters allow users to prorate the size of their IES files in Revit. 

About the Partner LightStanza

LightStanza makes lighting analysis simple and accurate to empower building designers.  We work with leading lighting manufacturers  in a scientifically trusted and collaborative online environment. We work iteratively on the software, making frequent updates while incorporating customer feedback.