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Category: Construction
Works With: BIM 360, Revit, AutoCAD
Benefits of the solution
  • Passively tracks productivity to depict the full picture and allow for informed decisions to be made
  • Streamlines and improves efficiency of workflows and processes
  • Collects objective data to help communicate and provide the most accurate information possible
Solution Details

BIMPro is a Revit plugin with many tools that increase efficiency including automated spooling, tagging, and dimensioning. FabPro passivly tracks producivity while capturing objective data and automating documentation FieldPro allows for real-time status updating with the model.

About the Partner MSUITE

MSUITE stemmed from real problems within the construction industry. MSUITE believes in honor, transparency, integrity  and innovation. We bring those four core principles into everything that do and build. We are here to provide the construction industry with solutions that they need.