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PointCab GmbH

4Revit Plugin

Category: Building, Construction
Works With: Revit
Benefits of the solution
  • Automatically generates front, top and side views (ortho photos) from point clouds (no more navigation through the point cloud!)
  • Semi-automatically generates 2D and 3D plans from point clouds
  • Merging of different point clouds and processing extremely large point clouds in a fast and easy manner
  • All selevted 3D information is transfered in real time into Revit
Solution Details

With our 4Revit Plugin you can do your 3D modelling without having to worry about the obstacles point cloud data poses. No more navigating though the point cloud. Get your 3D information into Revit with a few clicks.

About the Partner PointCab GmbH

PointCab is a German-based software company founded by geospatial and surveying experts.
We make point cloud processing easy. We make point cloud processing fast. No matter if you're a raw recruit or a sophisticated expert, PointCab is your Swiss Army knife for point cloud processing.