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PointCab GmbH

PointCab 4Revit

Category: Building, Construction, Reality Capture
Works With: Revit
Benefits of the solution
  • Our solution eliminates the complex and costly importing, navigating, and measuring in
  • point cloud data in Revit. You can concentrate fully on creating your model.
  • To achieve this, PointCab connects directly to Revit and transfers 3D information for the
  • creation of walls, doors and windows, columns, and fixtures and fittings.
Solution Details

Make use of the well thought out working method for measurement in both orthophotos and in standpoint-based views.

Adopt floor plans or sections from PointCab 4Revit into CAD as the basis for distortion-free 2D plans, vectorizations and profiles, meshing, DGMs, delta frames, and more.

About PointCab GmbH

The PointCab software evaluates even the most comprehensive point clouds in next to no time – whether from terrestrial laser scanners, hand-held scanners or drones – and generates detailed 2D plans and sections or comprehensive three-dimensional building or landscape models.