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SOFiSTiK FEA Extension for Revit

Category: Building
Works With: Revit
Benefits of the solution
  • Verification of Revit analytical model for inconsistencies via the Analytical Check and complementar
  • (Partly or fully automatic) subsystem generation including corresponding support conditions from Rev
  • Automatic load transfer option between analytical subsystem levels
  • Management and member design of reinforced concrete columns according to Eurocode directly in Revit
  • Export of member results (columns, walls, supports / foundations) to Microsoft Excel
  • Calculation and export of storey properties (storey forces, center of rigidity, center of mass) to S
  • Import of analysis and design results in Revit, where they can be displayed
  • Model information (like Material, Section or Load Nature Mapping) are integrated into Collaboration
Solution Details

SOFiSTiK FEA Extension allows to generate a 3D Finite-Element model from an Revit analytical model including loads and boundary conditions.


SOFiSTiK is Europe’s leading software developer for analysis, design and detailing of building and infrastructure projects worldwide.