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Shenzhen THS Hi-Tech Corp. 深圳市斯维尔科技股份有限公司

THS solution

Category: Building design, Construction, AutoCAD
Works With: AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, InfraWorks, Navisworks Manage
Benefits of the solution
  • It contains Autodesk BIM software package and THS BIM application software package.
  • It can completely cover the needs of enterprises to carry out BIM related service.
  • The model can be shared to meet different BIM application goals in the scheme.
  • Project management capability based on BIM with large database sharing capability.
  • Dynamic cost management capability based on BIM.
Solution Details

The solution to achieve seamless docking, contain necessary for software and software operation platform, are the original authorization.

The scheme is advanced to provide BIM model management and model sharing solution, based engineering cost solution and  5D project management solution , etc.

About the Partner Shenzhen THS Hi-Tech Corp. 深圳市斯维尔科技股份有限公司

Founded in 2000.

One of China’s leading service providers in areas of construction software industry and solution industry.
Dedicated in offering BIM software and BIM total solutions in areas of engineering design, construction cost and management, and construction industries.