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eVolve MEP

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Category: Construction
Works With: Revit, Other
Benefits of the solution
  • Manufacturer based content and configuration for ductwork, piping and plumbing systems for Revit and all Autodesk Fabrication products.
  • Fabrication reports compatible with Revit, CADmep, CAMduct and ESTmep
  • ESTmep costing and labor information. *Harrison, MCAA and SMACNA costing and pricing information is available at no additional charge to subscribers.
Solution Details

Autodesk Fabrication customers in the USA can now benefit from hundreds of preconfigured settings, drawing templates, services definitions, code specifications, workflow palettes, and more than twenty essential reports.

About the Partner eVolve MEP

Championing the contractor by putting them front and center, eVolve MEP software is proof of our dedication to reshape the MEP industry. Built on the Revit platform, eVolve MEP allows workflow to follow each project contributor by allowing everyone to work from the same data set in real time.

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